These Are The US Cities That Spent the Most On Sex Toys in Quarantine

As the vast majority of us have responsibly opted to remain in isolation in recent months in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve had to find other ways to entertain ourselves. In addition to bread-baking, tons of reading and cultivating other hobbies, quarantine has been a great time for people to invest in their sex lives  — and, if Pornhub’s data is any indication, there’s tons of people appreciating themselves as their own safest sex partner.

Now, with new data from sex toy retailer Lovehoney (and a super cool interactive sex map!), we’re getting a better understanding of how (for Americans at least) people are spending their money on sex toys for themselves and/or their partners to play with and in what cities people are spending the most.

Where the sex toy shoppers at?

The city who took the crown on sex toy purchases is Elizabeth, New Jersey — which saw a 500 percent increase in sex toys and accessories bought during lockdown. Providence, Rhode island was up 482 percent and Moreno Valley, California was up 452 percent, coming in second and third respectively. The east coast was over-all leading in spending money on their “sexual happiness,” according to Lovehoney. (This proud East coaster is thrilled to hear it!)

“The state of Rhode Island and city of Elizabeth, New Jersey rank as America’s sexiest with the biggest rise in sexual pleasure purchases since lockdown,” Lovehoney Spokesperson Sammi Cole said in a statement.  “We have seen a huge surge in activity as singles and couples look to escape the pressures of lockdown by experimenting more sexually. Our data shows that couples with great sex lives enjoy higher overall levels of happiness.”

What did they buy?

According to Lovehoney, Elizabeth, New Jersey was keeping it real! With realistic dildos, that is. Toys like this one, this one (or the one pictured below) were selling the best in the city.

And Morena Valley citizens were thinking about fashion and function by picking up briefs and boy-short purchases.

Any cities feeling less-than-sexy in the pandemic?

Check out a few of our picks at the summer sales at Lovehoney and other retailers:

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