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May indicate a toilet on health problems?

A newly developed intelligent toilet seems to be able to a number of disease characteristics in the stool and urine evidence, including some types of cancer. Will monitor such toilets in the future, the health of the population?

In research work with the participation of the Stanford University a smart toilet was developed, what are the signs of health problems at an early stage can detect it. Information about the new development has published the research team in the English scientific journal “Nature in Biomedical Engineering”.

21 people were allowed to test the new toilet

21 people tested the toilet over a period of several months. In addition, 300 people were asked if they would use a Smart toilet. The Frog wanted to get a better feeling for the user to get acceptance on a broader level. About 37 percent of the respondents said that they could arrange it with the idea, 15 percent declared that they liked the idea very well.

The idea for the toilet is over 15 years old

The concept for this new toilet has been around for well over 15 years, but it takes a long time before this somewhat strange idea was implemented, report the researchers. The now completed pilot study with 21 Participants was a further step to make the Vision a precise, health-oriented, intelligent toilet a reality.

Various technologies have been incorporated

It is actually a common toilet, and some of the equipment was installed. These built-in devices such as motion sensors, to allow an assessment of the consistency of the stool. The chair evaluation is based on physical characteristics, while the urine samples are subjected to physical and molecular analysis, explain the researchers.

What happens with the data collected?

The toilet sends from each sample data generated automatically to a secure, Cloud-based storage System. In the future, the System could be integrated in the archiving system, every health provider, in order to facilitate quick and easy access.

Soon, intelligent toilets in each bathroom?

The toilet falls into a technology category that provides continuous health monitoring and to include, for example, smart watches. Since everyone uses toilets, this will increase your value as a disease detection device. Even if the idea for a few people is likely to be a bit of getting used to, could be such smart toilets are a normal part of every bathroom, emphasize the researchers.

Old toilets can be easily upgraded

To achieve such an adjustment of the toilets, was conceived of the technology as an add-on, which, in any old porcelain bowl, to integrate. These extensions contain a number of instruments for health surveillance, looking for signs of diseases. Both urine and stool are included samples, for example, also on Video, and then by a series of Algorithms processed. This can evaluate various parameters such as normal flow rate, flow duration, total volume, and stool consistency, on health problems or diseases can be a sign

Toilet can measure ten biomarkers

In addition to the physical flow analysis, are used in the toilet, urine analysis strip to measure certain molecular characteristics. The number of white blood cells, a constant blood contamination, certain protein values, and other factors can indicate a range of diseases, from infections from bladder cancer to kidney failure, explain the researchers. In their present stage of development of the toilet to be able to measure ten different biomarkers.

Toilet can identify the user

One of the most important aspects of the intelligent toilet is also likely to be one of the most surprising. The toilet has a built-in identification system. “It’s a question to give a precise, individual health Feedback, therefore, we had to make sure that the toilet between the users can be distinguished,” said Dr. Sanjiv Gambhir in a press release. In addition, a Lever was built, the finger can read fingerprints.

Camera in the toilet takes up the ass

The researchers to be added to the intelligent toilet as well as a small Scanner, which is a rather camera part of the body shy away from mapping. You could refer to it as the exact opposite of the face detection, in other words: The smart toilet with your camera in the Anus. The Scans serve only as a detection system. Nobody, neither you, nor your doctor, will see the Scans ever, explain the researchers.

Intelligent toilet does not replace the doctor’s visit

The new toilet will not serve as a substitute for the visit to the doctor. And the toilet will not report the calculated data, in many cases, to the user. In the ideal case of success in the case of a questionable event, such as, for example, blood in the urine via an App, which is equipped with a privacy protection, a warning to the doctor or the Doctor of the Person using, trusted the research team explained. So, the next steps could be set for a correct diagnosis.

Goals for future research?

Future research in the development of the smart toilet should include, for example, an increase in the number of participants, the Integration of molecular characteristics in the chair of analysis and the refinement of already existing technologies. Also the Tests should be individualized and in people with Diabetes, for example, the urine could be glucose monitors, stress the researchers. (as)

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