Bhagyashree shares easy home remedy to decongest lungs; try this

All you need are just two spices from your kitchen cabinet

Maine Pyar Kiya actor Bhagyashree has been sharing several DIY home remedies — from skincare to health. And now, the 51-year-old actor shared a simple homemade remedy for clearing congestion from the lungs.

“We all know that smoking affects the lungs. But did you know that the same problem can be caused by pollution, toxic fuels from your kitchen, and even prolonged sinuses? Our lungs help in taking out the toxins of our body. But who is going to take care of your lungs? Simple spices in your kitchen can do so,” Bhagyashree said in a video she posted on Instagram.



The last few months have taught us to take care of our health, but there are many things that we still take for granted…. like our breathing. Here’s a tip to help in de-congesting your lungs. Try this for a fortnight. Boil a small teaspoon of jeera with 2 crushed peppercorns in water and have it like a hot tea. #Tuesdaytip #lungs #llunghealth #healthychoices #healthyfood #spice #jeera #choosedaytips #back2basics

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Here’s the home remedy she follows:

“Boil a small teaspoon of jeera (cumin) with 2 crushed peppercorns in water and have it like hot tea,” the actor wrote on social media.

Along with being a great digestive, cumin is also known to have decongesting properties, she further mentioned. The cumin water helps in clearing any mucus accumulation in the chest and is a great hydrator, Dr Brahmanand Nayak, Ayurveda practitioner, writes in his blog.

When do you need to drink cumin water? “Have this in the morning after you finish doing your pranayam and see whether it works for you,” said Bhagyashree.

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