#Transformation Tuesday: 65 pounds down! So Michelle won a new life

The youth and school time was for the US-American, Michelle is not easy. Since Childhood, she struggled with her weight, again and again she tried to get it with various diets in the grip but showed no effect.

Instead, they took more and more until she weighed at the age of 17 finally, unhealthy 127 kilograms. Added to this was bullying in High School, which in turn affected the girl in addition.

“It was the darkest time of my life”, recalls the young woman in an Instagram Post. “I was extremely depressed and suicidal, had only problems and hatred.”

The positive view in the future

But something in Michelle had a better faith in the future. “I think my strength was to know that I had a bright future ahead of me. I didn’t know what to expect, but I always made more.”

Finally, she decides, her life will finally turn around. “I was tired of the life I lived. But I could not give up. I was all I had.”

A thought of Michelle, this time with the necessary Motivation and wants to be supplied, the thickness: “Where can you be in a month or in a year, if you’d really do that, what you’re going to? Who is doing nothing, comes not one step closer to his goal.”

Slimming, thanks to a positive Mindset

Since this decisive turning point, around it has been three years, proud 65 pounds has lost Michelle in this time. How has it achieved this? The first, and arguably most important, step was to change their Mindset radically.

“The fastest way to lose weight is to reconsider everything,” she writes in a Post. “Remember to always make the best decision for yourself and you never small-talk.”

So be positive and stay focused with the thing, of course, is not always easy. Fortunately, the young woman received in these moments, the right kind of support.

“I finally had people and friends at my side supporting me, cheering me and always brought.”

Get out of the comfort zone

A further positive decision of Michelle, it was, your own goals, write them down and lead to these so-time and time again. “Including something challenging that would take me out of my comfort zone.”

Your first Fitness class-the visit was such a challenge. “I knew nothing about sports and was very shy, but I went to the course,” describes how you Overcome them.

“This decision is not changed so much on my journey that I know where I would be without these unpleasant decisions, and try new things.”

Since that day, the young woman visited not only the sweat-inducing classes, but braces are also hardworking heavy Weights in the gym.

Losing weight is an ongoing process

Although Michelle has been an incredible process, returns the uncertainty, nevertheless, sometimes still. “I am also to lose weight, very insecure about my body. But I’m proud of,” she explains.

“I’m insecure about my excess skin, my scars, my stretch marks. But other days I love it, how I show it, and can say that I have, because I come from there.”

Most of the time, you feel comfortable with your hard-earned figure, “but it is, of course, to doubt sometimes in yourself. The doubts must not only win.”

Michelle says what I think most people do during a long declining process of life. “It’s not just about weight loss but a life change. I have changed my whole life for the Better.”

And this trip she wants to continue to share with other people to inspire you. “I hope this motivates someone to keep an eye on yourself and your own health,” explains Michelle.

“You have full control over how your life should look like. Trust me: time heals, it will get better.”

Cornelia Bertram

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