Stiftung Warentest warns: So inaccurate fitness tracker

Whether as a bracelet or a Smartwatch, a fitness tracker can serve as a welcome Motivation for sporting activities.

The measured values are in many bracelets, however, “fantasy values”, warns the Foundation goods test.

Especially in the case of the pulse measurement, the uncertainty was a concern. A reliable heart rate measurement with the chest strap, so the conclusion of the experts (‘test’output 7/20).

To come to a similar result, also the FIT FOR FUN-Teaser in our large pulse watch Test.

Only two fitness trackers accurately measure

A total of trackers, to provide from 25 verified Fitness only two Smartwatches-voice: the Apple Watch 5, and the Garmin model Forerunner 245 Music.

In an extreme case dimension another fitness bracelet at a joggenden tester with a Maximum heart rate of 104, instead of the actual value of 181.

The manufacturer will often refer to the fact that the Tracker has to sit correctly on the wrist.

At the time of step measurement, the Tester, the used Smartphone to support recommend, since the bracelets don’t have a module for the determination of position via satellite.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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