Medical Association: Second Corona-shaft, according to experts long as

The feared by many second Corona-wave has taken hold of Germany according to the assessment of the doctors ‘ Association Marburger Bund already. “We are already in a second, a flat increase of wave,” said the Association’s Chairman Susanne Johna the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Tuesday).

But it is not comparable with the Figures of March and April. Nevertheless, the number of new infections increases.

“The danger is that we lose the longing, the successes we have achieved so far, in Germany, in a combination of displacement and normal is,” said Johna.

The hospitals were prepared for a second wave, said the Union boss. Unlike the first wave of hospital beds should this time not be flat, but demand to be kept free.

“Because the pandemic to happen slowly builds up, we have to for Covid-19-patients promoted treatment options available, so a phasing of the provision to introduce,” said Johna.

In practice, according to the Marburger Bund, in stage one, a smaller number of intensive care beds will be kept free. These are occupied, occurs 24 hours later, level two in power and capacity in the intensive care units are being expanded.

“The step-by-step continues until it is in the highest Alarm stage of expansion, all for Covid-19 patients with available exploits-intensive capacity,” said Johna.

Johna warned insistently, the hygiene rules and wear masks. They compared the mask with the introduction of the safety belt in the car, while it was also given a fierce resistance.

Today, many people of a mouth guard duty felt patronized. But the opposite is the case: as the belt to save a life, “so also the mouth saves the protection of life,” said the Association boss.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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